26 September 2008

Post Difficulty Rating System

Hey everyone,
Since the different things I write guides on this site for can greatly vary in difficulty and overall technical knowledge I am implementing a rating system that goes from zero to five in order to help you find out or at least to help guide you into choosing your projects. The rating will just be a number beside the title and here is a basic breakdown of how the numbers translate to skill (also taken into account is the damage that can be done to your computer/filesystem by doing it improperly)

0-.5 - No previous computer knowledge required

.6-1 - Very basic computer knowledge required(0-.5ers can probably do this but might have some difficulty in following all of the steps)

1.1-1.5 - Should have at least basic knowledge as to what the different parts of a computer do and the function of a driver etc.

1.6-2.5 - A slightly larger block because the next jump is a big one any project in this category most likely requires some advanced knowledge of computers, the OS or the program involved projects 2.0 and above may have the potential of corrupting files or affecting the overall functionality of your computer.

2.6-4.0 - Projects in this region should be carefully done as they can probably seriously affect your computer if done improperly, not all of the projects within this range are necessarily hard but they have a serious risk of causing your computer to cease functioning properly.

4.1-5.0 This difficulty range requires some serious computer knowledge including registry filesystem and advanced windows knowledge any project in this range can seriously harm your computer and is very difficult and should not be done without a proper backup and a restore point.

I hope this helps everyone make their project choices and if any clarification is needed all that you need to do is send me an email at:

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